Benefits of the Bidet For the Elderly, the Physically Disabled, and the Obese

The bidet has many health benefits for those who are elderly,physically disabled and obese, they don't have much motion so they are limited in what they do. For example some of them don't have the ability to wipe so the use of a bidet is very useful to them. In this article I am going to discuss the benefits of the bidet for the elderly,physically disabled and the obese.

The Elderly

Since most elders have trouble wiping with toilet paper, they find it very difficult to use toilet paper every time. They have to stand up and bend and wipe it themselves. Sometimes they can't reach that far. This is where the bidet comes in. When using it, the elders don't have to even move they just press the button or push the lever and water sprays out and cleans them. This is very effective way for elders who don't have much motion. Using a bidet will make their life much easier as they don't have to move around so much. If you have an elder in the house the bidet is a perfect solution for their bathroom needs.

The Physically Disabled

If one is disabled and does not movement in parts of his body, it is very hard to wipe and often times friends and family have to wipe for the person. The person has to become dependent on their family to clean themselves after using the bathroom. Since they don't have motion, they can't stand up and wipe themselves. For the disabled, the bidet is the perfect solution. It does not require standing up and while sitting down the bidet will do all the work and wash the area. They don't have to wipe anything they just push a button and it cleans it for them. The bidet is perfect for those are disabled and who have lost some motion in their body.

The Obese

Some obese people have lost the ability to reach the back area to clean after themselves. They require the aid of someone to do it for them. Their motion is very limited and they can't even wipe after the bathroom. For those that can't reach around the bidet is the perfect solution for them. Since they won't have to reach far behind, they can just reach to their side and turn the bidet on. Once the bidet is on, it will do the whole job for them and they won't have to rely on others anymore to clean themselves. All they have to do is turn the bidet on and the job is done. For obese people, the bidet is an ideal solution because it allows them to clean themselves without the help of others and its very easy to use.

In conclusion, there are many benefits for that the bidet has to offer. For different type of people. It is beneficial for everyone but it is extremely helpful to those that have limited motion and have pains. The bidet is beneficial to the elderly, the physically disabled, and the obese.