Thyroid Information and Remedies

Thyroid disorders these day and age are a very common disease in every part of the world. Unfortunately, most thyroid sufferers are undiagnosed and just able to finds out when they already have a severe thyroid disease or worst, a thyroid cancer. For those sufferers who find their disease early, it was easy for them to counteract the disease and just relied on natural thyroid help or remedies. Although, there are supplements given by the doctors after getting a thyroid diagnosis, there are still thyroid sufferers who preferred treating their thyroid disease naturally.

One of the best natural thyroid remedies out there is having a thyroid diet. It is true that there is no scientific basis yet that proves this method is really working but many thyroid survivors actually recommend having this diet plan. But before you go for this diet, there are certain things you need to consider first. One is that, the kind of thyroid disease you have. Well, if you don't get what I mean, thyroid disease has actually two kinds. First is the hypothyroid (or hypothyroidism), also called as underactive thyroid. This kind of thyroid disease means that your thyroid hormone production is below the limit – the needed amount of hormone to sustain your body system function normally. If your thyroid cannot produce enough hormones – which are called as thyroxin – this will cause your gland to malfunction. Again, if you again don't have any idea about hormone or specifically the thyroxin, I'll explain to you further.

The hormone serves as the activator of each cell in your body system to execute a certain movement or action. For the case of your thyroid hormone or the thyroxin, it regulates your emotion, growth and body development. So if you experienced a sudden mood swing, that maybe cause by your thyroid. In addition, underactive thyroid symptoms also include sudden jump in terms of your weight, blurry eye vision, thinning of your hair and dryness in your skin.

Now, going with the second kind of thyroid disease – that is called as hyperthyroid (or hyperthyroidism), also called as overactive thyroid. This kind of thyroid disease is actually the exact opposite of hypothyroid. It is an overproduction of thyroid hormone. Some of the most common symptoms of this disease are unexpected weight loss, tremor, difficulty in sleeping, brittle hair; goiter appeared swelling (enlarging) at the base of your neck and fatigue.

Now, to continue with the thyroid diet; if you are suffering from hypothyroid, the very best thing to treat this disease naturally with diet is by increasing the intake of iodine-rich foods and at the same time, eliminating foods that can harm your thyroid health. Iodine is actually the main component of your thyroid function and being lack with it means there will be a shortage in producing thyroid hormones. Meanwhile, if you're hyperthyroid; since it was the opposite of hypothyroid. Then that means, you need to minimize, if not avoiding entirely those iodine-rich foods.