Old Methods For Anti Aging

Anti Aging has been an issue not only now but from age- old days. The olden days books contain anti aging information. It would be surprising to know that many kitchen shelf products are behind the anti aging process. These herbs and other daily use products were the source of increased lifespan of our forefathers.

Different types of oils used in spas and facials have certain properties that can helps in repair of damaged skin and also making it anti aging. These oils can be bought in herbal stores and in some cosmetic shops. Some of the best anti aging products contain some of the following oils. Kalahari Oil restores elasticity to the dry sagging skin and traps the moisture in the skin leaving it soft. Rosehip Seed Oil which is rich in vitamin C is said to be a very good anti oxidant and one of the best anti aging agent. Hence it controls free radical release and minimizes wrinkles, regenerates damaged tissue. Marula Oil also has anti oxidant properties behaves as a good moisturizer and reduces wrinkles. Walnut Oil is excellent in preventing wrinkles and tones dry skin. Other anti aging oils are avocado oil, olibanum oil, jasmine oil, Kukui- nut oil, olive and peppermint oil etc.

Other than these, various anti aging facial recipes and some of the best anti aging products have been handed down for generations. Various herbs also have anti aging effects that are not known to many contain active principles that have advanced and excellent skin rejuvenation properties. Examples are the asparagus roots, blueberry, ashwagantha, Mushrooms, Ginkgo, grape seed extract, jujube oils, Rhodiola rosea etc.

Garlic already known for its many medicinal values also comes across as a good anti aging agent. Green herbal tea is a highly recommended anti oxidant is anti aging. Lemon and other citrus fruits have bleaching and anti oxidant properties because of citric acid and vitamin C content. All these anti aging herbs and oils can be bought separately or used in facials. They are also included in massages and spas that offer skin and body rejuvenation. Some herbs may cause allergic reactions or other side effects to a few. So it is better to discuss the herbs with a physician to be on the safe side.